About me

Cristina Picazo is the daughter of masters of the art of thread and needles: she grew up between pieces of cloth, pins and threads of many colours. And while she prefers to turn up her trousers with a stapler, she’s inherited her parents’ creativity, which she channels into her passion, illustration. In fact, Cristina has endless passions: hiking in the mountains, mushroom hunting, even Sunday afternoon crepe-making sessions. She’s been illustrating books as well as making craft books in multiple languages for 25 years. Ah, and another of her passions is children; drawing for them brings out her childish and curious side that still today wants to come out to play.


Grijalbo (SPAIN), Blue Bicycle Publishing CO (Korea), Montena (SPAIN), Rosman (Russia), B de BOOKS (SPAIN), Mila éditions (FRANCE), Baula (SPAIN), Edizioni del Borgo (ITALY), Beascoa (SPAIN), La Galera (SPAIN), Cruïlla (SPAIN), Editions L’Elan vert (FRANCE), Animallibres (SPAIN), Círculo de Lectores(SPAIN), El País (SPAIN), Editions Quatre Fleuves (FRANCE), Blume (SPAIN), Timun Mas(SPAIN), Teide(SPAIN), Parramón(SPAIN), Enciclopèdia Catalana(SPAIN), RBA(SPAIN), Salvat(SPAIN), Lynx(SPAIN), Imaginarium(SPAIN), Barcanova(SPAIN), Bruño(SPAIN), Casals(SPAIN), Cavall Fort( SPAIN), Cormosoma (SPAIN), Edebé (SPAIN), Edelvives (SPAIN), Fundación Atafuerca (SPAIN), Grup Promotor (SPAIN), Hermes Catellnou (SPAIN), Juventud (SPAIN), Larrousse (SPAIN), Lupita Books (SPAIN), PLaneta (SPAIN), Santillana (SPAIN), Algaida (SPAIN), Vicens Vives (SPAIN),